What is Cata 1.81

Cata 1.81 is The Truth

In vino veritas. You can find a fine selection of wines for any occasion. We offer a unique collection of wines from all over the world. Try our wines, you can find some of those answers that linger in your mind, perhaps…

Cata 1.81 is Love

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. We want you to enjoy every moment at our restaurant. You’ll find yourself in a caring atmosphere where people come to enjoy life and celebrate it…

Cata 1.81 is Life

Dum viviumus, vivamus. The greeks always divided time in two different words – chronos & kairos. One meant “chronological time” the other “moments that we live intensely”. We are more of the latter…

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We are currently closed for renovation. Thank you for your patience, we’ll be back soon.

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